"Cameron Highlands Butterfly farm has become one of the most well known Tropical butterflies insects house in Malaysia where located around the Kea Farm, Cameron Highlands."

About Us

Business Hours  
Weekdays 0900-1800
Weekend 0800-1900
Public Holiday & School Holiday 0800-1930
Adult RM7
Children RM4






Malaysia climate weather is typically hot and humid with daily average of 31°c and nightly average of 10°c. Cameron Highlands is definitely a best place for relief from the blessed eternal sunshine; enjoy the cool and breezy climate weather.

Established in year 1990. Cameron Highlands butterfly farm was initially started as a hobby of the founder who is passionate towards green environment and a breeding house of the beautiful living creatures. Presently, if houses live butterflies and other exotic wildlife for tourists who visit Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands butterfly farm has become one of the most well known tropical insects house in Malaysia visitors get a chance to gain more knowledge and extraordinary experience on Malaysia’s Tropical flora and fauna in butterfly farm. Cameron Highlands butterfly farm in definitely a place for everyone to understand the dynamic balance among the biodiversity of flora in Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands butterfly farm wishes to provide a platform for the young generations where they can learn something that’s out of traditional school syllabus. Through the 0% distance with our mother nature; experiencing the touch of it. Making learning process fun will definitely help them to absorb more knowledge. More over, Cameron Highlands is as well act as a place for family rebonding and a place for lifetime. 


Educate people for the appreciation of Mother Nature.


Dedicated to Nature Conservation and Environment issues through research and the learning of butterflies, insects and other flora and fauna.

Breeding and exhibiting insects in a natural environment where everyone can observe and appreciate the gift of our Mother Nature.