Great experience at Cameron Highlands Butterfly Farm

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 “When holding a scorpion, never touch the middle of its body. This is the most sensitive part,” bellowed Mohamad Jahangir, a worker at the Butterfly Farm at the Kea Farm area, Cameron Highlands. 

“Make sure you touch the scorpion at its tail (not the part with the sting, though). This is because scorpions can only sting in one direction, which is only in the middle towards the middle of their body,” described Mohamad at length.

“It cannot sting from left to right, but at all times do before careful when confronting a scorpion. It is best to avoid it, as it is one of the deadlier species,” Mohamad enthused, having worked at the Butterfly Farm for 12 years now.

Mohamad then bid a tourist to come near him. Without warning, Mohamad swiftly placed the scorpions in his hands and put it on Noor Azlan’s, T-shirt.Visitors surrounded him, watched in awe. Some felt afraid, and others backed away from the scorpions Mohamad was pulling from an enclosure.

Finally, seven scorpions were put on the Azlan's shirt and Mohamad smiled. He was not afraid, having worked with scorpions for several years now.

“Do you see that? It does not disturb us. It will sting though, if it is provoked in any manner,” smiled Mohamad, with a lengthy speech.

Visitors armed with cameras started snapping away the momentous moment as Mohamad handled the scorpions on Azlan's shirt.

Here, one can find a varied species of insects, even reptiles and other amphibians. Some of the animals displayed include snakes, tortoises, monitor lizards, beetles, praying mantis or the Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) and other interesting creatures.

In fact, upon entering the Butterfly Farm, this unique insect enclosure is the first that visitors will see. It is situated on the right side after one enters the main door, prior to the butterflies’ enclosure.

Finishing a short tour of the insect enclosure, visitors proceed to a small door which has been fastened with special netting throughout.

This is where the main collection of butterflies can be seen flying graciously without fear

Catch a glimpse of the Trogonoptera brookiana albescens. This particular species of butterfly is named after the first English Rajah of Sarawak, Rajah Brooke. It is said that in this butterfly the soul of the Rajah Brooke is ever present.

Butterflies in the enclosure are tame and will come and land on our shoulders, if we keep still enough. Some are big, some are small. Those never having the pleasure of seeing a butterfly up close will be able to snap away fond memories of the momentous occasion.

Visitors can see this amazing collection of butterflies, insects, cactus and other flowering plants at the Butterfly Farm. Entrance fee is RM 5 (adults) and RM 3 (children).

Do head on to the quaint souvenir shop after a short tour of the Butterfly Farm. It sells all sorts of souvenirs such as tiny cactus plants to butterfly brooches. This Butterfly Farm is actually one of two in the Kea Farm area. 

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Butterfly Farm

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Butterfly Farm @ Cameron Highlands 

Butterfly Farm, there are various species of butterflies & other insects on display. They are a great place to view such rare species of butterflies as the Raja Brooke butterfly, which in turn is regarded as the national butterfly of the country.

Rajah Brooke's Butterfly

Creating beautiful flashes of color when gathered in large groups, Rajah Brooke's birdwing are dramatically patterned butterflies.

Very rare, Beetle in Blue... really in Blue!?

Innocent looking Toad, typically having dry warty skin that can exude poison.

Quite a lot of rare varieties of insects to browse for...

Walking Stick Insect, a vegetarians, they are harmless to humans. I have not found any suggestion that stick insects are vectors for human diseases.

Moving Leaf Insect, when this leaf do move, they are even more cryptic in that they walk in a most unnatural way so as to look like a leaf blowing in the wind which means they can keep up their disguise even when moving.

Green Hymph, a nasty looking array of thorny spikes on its body, which is bright neon green in color. The spines can be a half inch long & stand upright.

Types of Lizards...

Maybe this an idea place for you to explore around besides seeing some green all over the place. Besides agriculture, Cameron Highlands was also slowly developed into a tourism destination due to its refreshing weather.

Thanks for the great post by Allen Journal

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