Butterfly Farm

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Butterfly Farm @ Cameron Highlands 

Butterfly Farm, there are various species of butterflies & other insects on display. They are a great place to view such rare species of butterflies as the Raja Brooke butterfly, which in turn is regarded as the national butterfly of the country.

Rajah Brooke's Butterfly

Creating beautiful flashes of color when gathered in large groups, Rajah Brooke's birdwing are dramatically patterned butterflies.

Very rare, Beetle in Blue... really in Blue!?

Innocent looking Toad, typically having dry warty skin that can exude poison.

Quite a lot of rare varieties of insects to browse for...

Walking Stick Insect, a vegetarians, they are harmless to humans. I have not found any suggestion that stick insects are vectors for human diseases.

Moving Leaf Insect, when this leaf do move, they are even more cryptic in that they walk in a most unnatural way so as to look like a leaf blowing in the wind which means they can keep up their disguise even when moving.

Green Hymph, a nasty looking array of thorny spikes on its body, which is bright neon green in color. The spines can be a half inch long & stand upright.

Types of Lizards...

Maybe this an idea place for you to explore around besides seeing some green all over the place. Besides agriculture, Cameron Highlands was also slowly developed into a tourism destination due to its refreshing weather.

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